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Stories about Partizan - POP 9

by Ivan Toskov on July 17, 2020

Stories about Partizan - POP 9 - Everything is mine in black and white!

Back in 1981, Cibona took the first position in the table seven rounds before the end of the championship of Yugoslavia. This meant that the black and whites must not make any "mistakes" and that only with a series of victories, with a triumph in the penultimate round over Zagreb in the Hall of Sports in Belgrade, Partizan can win the title.

The atmosphere before the game was heated, the club's secretary Tomislav Šatara informed the journalists that only a hall that can accommodate at least 30,000 fans could satisfy the interest in this match, and Duško Radović, the great Partizanova, gave the real overture for the New Belgrade basketball delicacy. and the poet who announced the match in the Partizan vesnik as follows:

My heart! Black and white colors!
My name
Black and white colors!

Everything is mine
Black and white colors!
What is Cibona looking for?

Against the champion?!

Ashi-mashi to miss!

Better ours than yours!
Sorry, Cibono,
This is for that!
You are the best

After us!
Partizan - will!
Partizan - can!
Partizan - must!
Must! Must!

There is no other answer!
Welcome, dear guests,

There is nothing of joy!
Today one must fast:
Us meat - you bones!
Xosa is taller,
Kića is bigger!
Xosa is good,

Kića is better!
Xosa Kreshe,

Kića shuts down!

Xosa wants

Kića no yes!
our wish,

you are big

So it's ours

And victory!

The famous match against Cibona was played on March 7, 1981, in the crowded New Belgrade Sports Hall, which received 5,500 spectators that day. In the 13th minute, Partizan led by as many as 24 points (44:20) and had a very high lead in a few more moments, but then gave way and allowed the opponent to catch up to them in the finish and seriously threaten them. From the score of 70:54, which Partizan had in the 30th minute, the people of Zagreb reduced the difference to only two points in the finish - 89:87, and finally, Boban Petrović, four seconds before the end, put the point - 91:87, and so, practically secured the title for Partizan. In addition to Boban Petrović, who with 26 points also had an extremely important defensive role (together with Marić, he completely stopped Krešimir Ćosić, who scored only four points), Partizan was led to victory by the masterful Dragan Kićanović (26 points).


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