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Stories about Partizan - POP 6

by Ivan Toskov on June 27, 2020
Stories about Partizan - POP 6 - "Legendary black and white mustache"

In 1976, the movie "Taxi Driver" premiered, the Belgrade - Bar railroad was opened, the final of the European Football Championship was held in Belgrade, Jimmy Carter became the president of the USA, the Rolling Stones released their 16th album, and the Ramones their first studio album, Zdravko Čolić held the first soloist concert in Belgrade, long hair, mustaches and beards were in fashion in Yugoslavia, and Partizan basketball players won the title of national champion for the first time.

The "black and white" champions had their own tandem of legendary brats that year. "KIĆA, PRAJA, VICTORY TO THE END", echoed in the "Hall of Sports" in New Belgrade, and the two basketball grandmasters began to write the brilliant history of the Partizan Basketball Club with unforgettable games. Untrimmed hair and mustaches, along with "burying" the opponent's basket, became a distinguishing sign of a great tandem that set many club records, unbroken to this day. Dražen Dalipagić (with 8,278 points, an average of 27.1 per game!) and Dragan Kićanović (with 6,520 points, an average of 27.7 per game!) are still the two best scorers in the Club's history today, and hardly anyone will be able to reach them.

That's why this t-shirt is also dedicated to "Kic" and "Praja" , the legendary black and white brkajlia, who forever marked the history of Partizan


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