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Stories about Partizan - POP 4

by Ivan Toskov on June 13, 2020

Stories about Partizan - POP 4 - "Malerozni green jerseys"

From the period towards the end of 1972, one nice story from the club's history has been recorded. The long-time secretary of the club, Toma Shatara, remembers that event like this: "At that time, we saw that Lokomotiva had fantastic equipment. They were sneakers and jerseys from the Italian company Kronos. I contacted the people from Kronos, traveled to Trieste and bought sneakers and several sets of jerseys. We came up with the idea to "refresh" the image, so in addition to the black and white set, we also took a dark-green one. We wanted to appear immediately in new equipment and new colors, so we were the first they played their last game around New Year's against Rabotnički. We lost (76:80) in the Sports Hall, so no one in the club even thought of mentioning the new kit, let alone taking the team out on the floor in green jerseys."


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