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Stories about Partizan - POP 36

by Ivan Toskov on February 12, 2021

POP 36 - "When the holy coat of arms kisses your heart..."

When a player plays 500 games for one club, when with that club he wins numerous trophies and experiences great celebrations, but also goes through difficult moments and painful defeats, when an army of fans gives him unreserved support and love that he reciprocates many times over, then that player forever occupies an honorable place a place in the club's history, but also in the hearts of those who love that club.

Novica Veličković, Partizan's captain, at the final tournament of the Radivoj Korać Cup in Novi Sad, surpassed the limit of 500 played matches in the black and white jersey, and it is unlikely that anyone will surpass him in that category in the near future. Behind the captain, on the list are Petar Božić with 471 appearances, Dušan Kecman (444) and Miško Marić (362).

However, these significant numbers and rankings are only a snapshot of something much more important, something that is increasingly rare in modern professional sports. They are the picture of dedication, loyalty and faithfulness. How much hard training, exhausting preparations, difficult matches, pressure from the crowd, famous victories and difficult defeats, all kinds of recognitions and endless sacrifices are behind these numbers, only those who have soaked the black and white jersey with sweat from season to season, living the fate of Club nothing, know less hearty and sincere than the most faithful fans of Partizan.

Novica Veličković is a great basketball player whose career is marked by the colors of Partizan, but he has always been and remains a sincere fan. That is why his bond with the army of black and white supporters is so sincere and unbreakable. That is why Novica is both a field and a grandstand. That is why it seems as if the lyrics of the beautiful song of the JNA group were written precisely for him and all those who wear the jersey with the holy coat of arms with such emotion.

"...When you wear black and white colors, when the holy coat of arms kisses your heart. Remember the legends that wore that coat of arms, remember them, look at us and you are stronger!"


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