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Stories about Partizan - POP 30

by Ivan Toskov on January 18, 2021

POP 30 - "Win the first 119 games"

In the period after the foundation, Partizan basketball players played 119 games in various competitions until 1951, in which they won 96 times with two draws (at that time, basketball rules did not provide for overtime) and only 21 defeats.

Among the successes of federal importance, we should highlight the victory at the Tournament of Cities in Rijeka in 1947, winning first place at the tournaments in Belgrade and Zagreb in 1948 and 1949, and consecutively winning second place in the national championship in 1949 and 1950 (both times the title eluded thanks to basket difference).

Partizan achieved excellent results in international matches. One of the biggest successes in that period was winning the traditional tournament in Brussels in 1950, in which, in addition to Partizan, Belgian Racing, Italian Virtus and the national team of Brabant (Belgium) participated. In 1949 and 1950 alone, the team played 11 international matches, ten of which they won in their favor.

The photo shows the Partizan team from 1949 - standing from left: Stojićević, Marjanović, Miladinović, ..., Jovanović, Novaković, Loci, Pataki and Cotič.


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