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Stories about Partizan - POP 26

by Ivan Toskov on November 27, 2020

POP 26 - "There is no club without an ace"

Dragan Kićanović, one of the greatest aces of our club, played for Partizan from 1973 to 1981. The man whom many said was a "born winner" won six trophies with Partizan (two European Korac Cups, three state championship titles and one national Cup). With an average of 27.7 points in 235 official matches, he has been undisputed on the eternal club list for four decades and it is unlikely that anyone will overtake him in that category.

As the director of the Club (1984-1988), Kića was among the most responsible for the creation of a new generation of aces, which brought new trophies and forever strengthened the status of Partizan as a European basketball institution. His memory of this period speaks volumes about the eternal "recipe" for the success of a sports team:

"It was extremely important for us to bring or create the type of player that the audience will come to the hall for. The result was not in the foreground then, which of course we did not say, because it should never be said. We wanted to create aces, because a club without aces does not exist. We at Partizan tried to have one ace, but we created in two or three generations, because we made a truly phenomenal selection. Simply, you need to create an ace, and he will pull the others, so others, thirds will come out... It is extremely simple, but you need to work hard, have favorable conditions and have good experts, of course, and a little luck. Although, I don't believe much in luck, I believe more in hard work. Partizan always worked extremely hard and exceptional experts worked at Partizan."


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