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Stories about Partizan - POP 25

by Ivan Toskov on November 20, 2020

POP 25 - "Black and White Family"

One interesting, now half-forgotten episode from the past of our Club reminds us of the unbreakable bond between black and white families. A few days before the New Year in 1978, an unusual showcase football and basketball match between Partizan's basketball and football players was played in the "Sports Hall".

"At that time, it was known that we played soccer one training session a week, usually on Mondays," remembers the former Partizan basketball player and team captain, Boris Beravs, and adds:

"Reba Ćorković introduced it as relaxation. We couldn't wait for Monday. At matches, when they played badly, Reba used to threaten: 'If you lose, there will be no football on Monday!' In those years, we hung out with our players a lot. Before Nov 1978, we scheduled a double match in the Sports Hall. In basketball, of course, we beat them easily, I remember scored a basket from half the field. The football match was much more interesting. Todorić, Kićanović, Kerkez and I, reinforced by the goalkeeper Zalada, beat the team of football players in which: Borota, Vukotić, Zavišić, Boško Đorđević played , Vulić, Todorović... The fans were delighted, and the Hall was full."


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