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Stories about Partizan - POP 23

by Ivan Toskov on October 23, 2020

POP 23 - " Juniors won the first title"

From the rich history of our Club, today we highlight the story of the first title ever won by a Partizan basketball team. It was the title of junior champion of Yugoslavia in 1951.

The gathering of this team began sometime in the fall of 1948, when about 70 boys signed up at the invitation of the Club. They were divided into several groups and each of them was coached by one of the former first team players - Loci, Novaković, Munćan, Stojićević. Although they trained in difficult conditions, with only one ball, and in the winter in the hall with one basket, Cedo Stojićević's group was the most persistent.

"A few of us from the first team come forward to take over the kids and start training them." The others were not very interested in it, but I was. "Before that, we had a training session in Opatija with the Frenchman Henri Hell, who taught us to think basketball, to think about improving the game, and I got the desire to pass on what I learned to the children," Ceda Stojićević remembered about 15 years ago.

The young men felt it and everyone who was really motivated to work joined Cedo Stojićević's group. The team that won the junior championship of Yugoslavia in 1951 was created from that group. There were Danilo Šijačić, Ivan Jovanović, Andrija Frimerman, Selimir Mehmedbegović (all later first-team players), Vladan Marković, Miša Habul (a longtime reporter of "Politika"), as well as the later famous actor Aleksandar Aca Gavrić (among other things, remembered for his roles in films "March on the Drina" and "Captain Leshy", and died in a traffic accident in 1972). As a big fan of Partizan, a mural adorning one of the walls of the upper Dorćol in Belgrade is also dedicated to him.


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