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Stories about Partizan - POP 22

by Ivan Toskov on October 17, 2020

POP 22 - "Loyalty and Respect"

Partizan's fan army has always been loyal to its club, regardless of its occasional crises and result drops. That faithful audience of our basketball players was not spoiled by titles until the 70s, so the main criterion for their attitude towards the team was their personal commitment and quality of play.

Many younger fans of our Club do not know that KK Partizan took 10th place in the League in 1971 and after the defeat in the master's match with Oriolik, fell out of the company of the best. The "answer" of the black and white fan army to this setback came in the Second League, which was played during the summer.

That "answer" was not whistles, nor ugly words addressed to the players and the coach. The stands of the pitch at Kalemegdan were full, the support was unreserved, and the only match that Partizan played in the second league episode in the hall, filled the Hall of Sports to the brim - the duel against Voždovac was watched by as many as 5,000 people!

Partizan quickly returned to the First League, in the years that followed they began to win domestic and European titles and reached the heights of results - heights that their audience reached even in the time of the second league's stumbling. To this day, that magical fluid of mutual respect between the stands and the pitch radiates everywhere our Partizan plays.

May it remain so forever!


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