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Stories about Partizan - POP 20

by Ivan Toskov on October 09, 2020

POP 20 - "Birthday"

Sports club Partizan, one of whose sections was today's KK Partizan, officially began its rich history in October 1945. One of Partizan's volleyball players at the time, Bora Jovanović, testifies: "In those first days of September 1945, sports activity in the newly liberated country was extremely lively."

Tournaments were organized in Belgrade (football), Zagreb (athletics) and Subotica (basketball). Sections of the Yugoslav Army recorded notable successes. Athletes and basketball players won the first places, while football players lost to the Serbian national team (0:1)... Soldier-athletes gathered again on October 4 at the Guard House. At that time, the representative of the Political Administration of the Yugoslav Army, Major Vlado Mađarić, thanked them, who conveyed to them the desire of the Political Administration to establish a football section at the Central House of the Republic of Yugoslavia. Then it was said that it was just the beginning and that other sections would be established later.
Then the new club had to be named. Then one of the participants suggested:
- We are partisans, let it be - Partisan!
Applause broke through the hall and that spontaneous proposal was unanimously accepted. That is why October 4th is marked as the day when Partizan was 'born'.
In the publication published on the occasion of Partizan's 20th anniversary, we find a little more information about it: "After the liberation of the country in 1945, the first championship of the Yugoslav Army was organized in Beorgad. About 400 selected athletes from all units competed in several disciplines. From the best athletes, soccer players, volleyball players, and basketball players, teams were later organized to represent the Yugoslav Army in these sports at the first post-war competition for the national championship. At this gathering of the best athletes, members of the Army achieved significant success: basketball players and athletes became state champions, while football players and volleyball players won second place.

Those successes largely encouraged the establishment of an army sports team, which, gathering the best and most gifted athletes from military units, would popularize sports in the Army on a wider basis and at the same time contribute to the development and improvement of sports in the country. The idea of ​​forming such a sports collective was soon realized. Already on October 4, 1945.


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