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Stories about Partizan - POP 16

by Ivan Toskov on September 03, 2020

Stories about Partizan - POP 16 - Tactic "Knee him in!"

Season 1976/77. started well for Partizan in the domestic championship. However, when in the fourth round the team in Sarajevo's "Skenderija" was defeated by Bosnia, it was clear that it would not be so easy to defend the title of national champion. At the end of the first part of the national championship, Partizan's team played better and better. The game was carried by Kićanović and Dalipagić, but also by the excellent Kerkez. Boban Petrović also started playing his first big games. Rabotnički, Jugoplastika, Zadar were defeated... Kića was unstoppable, but he suffered a thigh muscle injury that forced him to take a longer break. Until the game with Beck...

However, in the penultimate round, at the match in Šumice, Belgrade, against Bek (85:89), which brought the team a second defeat, an incident occurred. Provoked by his guard's rough play, Kićanović slapped young Nikolić, after which a fight broke out. Captain Latifić and Dalipagić also took part in the fight. Television and part of the press tried to crucify Partizan's players on a "pillar of shame", calling them "street people", accidentally or intentionally forgetting how much Kićanović and Dalipagić gave to Yugoslav basketball and ignoring the fact that the domestic competition had lasted for a long time incorrect attitude of certain Yugoslav coaches towards Partizan's aces. Often, young players, eager for affirmation, on the advice of their coaches, tried to stop Kić and Praja without choosing any means at all. And once it had to "crack". After the incident, Kićanović said: "I'm sorry for slapping Nikolić." I made a mistake, simply, my brake failed. But something else needs to be said. I have been injured for a long time, for more than 60 days I was lying down, visiting hospitals and suffering because my comrades were fighting battles without me. I had to travel with the national team to the Balkan Championship. I stopped the treatment, I was forced to play the decisive match against Bulgaria. Unhealed, I gave much more than I thought I could, we won, but the injury got worse. Without training, I played for my club against Beck. The moment I entered the game, I heard coach Beck yelling to my guard: 'Knee him in!' He should have shot me in the injured thigh muscle."

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