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Stories about Partizan - POP 10

by Ivan Toskov on July 23, 2020

Stories about Partizan - POP 10 - Belgrade Basketball Festival (BEKOS)

It was, if not the most successful, then certainly the most beautiful and attractive Euro-season in the history of Belgrade club basketball. After three rounds of the final group of the European Champions Cup in the 1987/88 season, where the black and whites were defeated once and won twice, Partizan traveled to Barcelona, ​​against a highly favored opponent, led by one of the best European players at the time, San Epifanio. But coach Vujošević's boys did not respect the opponent too much in the fiery atmosphere of the "Blau grana" hall. They played bravely, confidently, with experience and won (88:84).
The triumph in Barcelona was the signal for a true basketball "fever" that gripped Belgrade. In the spectacular atmosphere of the newly renovated, never fuller New Belgrade Sports Hall (many say that almost 8,000 people attended the game that evening), Partizan defeated Aris of Thessaloniki, the champion of Greece, the official champion of Europe, in a fantastic game (101:94). The "Gods of Olympus" were defeated, and Partizan continued its victorious European journey.
In a crowded Hall, Maccabi, Tracer, Barcelona fell in order. Attending the bravado of Đorđević, the lucid moves of Divac, the dunks of Pecarski, the "cheats" of Paspalj, the shining moments of Grbović, Nakić, the soldier Savović and the reliable Obradović that year was "a matter of prestige" in Belgrade. In imitation of some other cultural events in the capital, the series of unforgettable Partizan matches in KEŠ was given another name among sports fans that year - BEKOS (Belgrade Basketball Festivities). With a series of nine consecutive victories, Partizan has already secured first place and placement in the Final Four in the Belgian city of Ghana, three rounds before the end of the competition in the final group.

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